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Company Name:
Software Placement Group
This is the hottest BI company in the world: Here are the Reguirements:
+ Experienced. 8 - 10 years of enterprise software sales experience. You've worked with complex sales to Fortune 500 companies and have seven-figure deal experience.
+ Domain. Experience with analytics, data, databases, predictive modeling, or business intelligencepreferred. Bachelor's Degree with a technical or business focus preferred.
+ Performer. Consistent overachievement of sales goals in a large geographic territory.
+ Amazing Salesperson. You have a desire, even an obsession, to bring new customers into the franchise and maximize revenue. You are a closer.
+ Excellent Communication. You know what to say and more importantly, how to say it.
+ Missionary. Highly driven individual with an execution focus and a strong sense of urgency and a belief in mission. You can go beyond relationship management.
+ Go-Getter. Willing to go the extra mile with a strong work ethic; self-directed and resourceful.
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